Granitos Tena S.L. is a Spanish granite factory, with more than 20 years of experience in the granite sector, exploiting our own quarries and making all the products from the beginning of the process to the end. Currently Granitos Tena S.L. exploits five quarries, from where we extract seven different kinds of colors or granites. As well, we keep making effort with the goal the keep growing up, offering ours costumers a service more close, and more ample color collections.

Granitos Tena S.L. has always followed a values, which gave us the chance of get the confident of our customers, into the Spanish market as in the international market. We rely on compromise, punctuality in the supply times, honesty and responsibility, that we has always characterized us, for offering a good quality in our products and ours commercial services.

In Granitos Tena S.L., we have the most modern manufacturing processes and the last technologies of the granite sector, in order to cover the necessities or requirements in the markets that we are currently selling, and to accomplish to be reliable on the supply times.

Granitos Tena S.L. is working since few years ago on the process to get introduce their granites in abroad markets, as US market and on anther European countries. For the export department, Granitos Tena has a staff skilled, with knowledge’s on languages and on international market, besides we are helping them to complete their formation with specific courses in this area.

Granitos Tena